My Approach

My Approach

With a broad range of psychological knowledge, skills and techniques for working with individuals and teams I provide individually tailored consultancy and coaching solutions. To develop authentic business relationships and trust within the workplace every circumstance must be approached with fresh eyes and curiosity, looking at the human aspects of the situation and enabling people to move towards increased understanding and awareness.

My work as a coach and consultant enables me to take people and organizations on a transformative journey. Leadership and individual wholeness are not skills taught in a presentation, but rather something developed alongside an individual, utilizing their own existing strengths and abilities.

Likewise, organizational development is about identifying key factors and assets then tailoring an approach for the specific circumstances, facilitating the most effective ways of communicating, developing teams and increasing business success.

As my path to fulfillment in my career evolves, coaching from Dr. Kate Price has been invaluable. When I encounter challenges her inquisitive listening has helped provide insight in a non-judgemental and patient way to help me equip myself to deal with them. She has helped me guide my ideas to drive my own success leading to increased fulfillment in my work and private life. She demonstrates sincere interest and a strong motivation to help.

Stacy Kalisz Johnson

Americas eMarketing Manager, Keysight Technologies