My Story

My Story

When I relocated to America I left behind a successful career in Clinical Psychology. For a time, it was difficult for me to envision doing anything else. I was concerned about change, about having a different career and working with different types of client, of not having the label Clinical Psychologist anymore.

What I have always loved about working with high achievers is witnessing and supporting their transformations. It is not about telling a highly intelligent person what to do or how to run their company, because that is their expertise. My experience enables me to create a space to hear where people are, where they want to go and then create a path to get there quickly. Often high achievers and powerful influencers don’t have trusted support and that is where I come in. Working together enables them to achieve their potential and realize dreams, to become integrated and be able to move into the future with confidence. This is what I have always loved about my work. Once I realized this, I saw that I could do it in any setting. In fact I was already doing so.

Many years working with individuals, small teams and large organizations enabled me to pioneer the ideas of corporate synthesis. This allows me to help people become more internally empowered, lead more productive, cohesive teams and drive results.

I work with decision makers and my clients have achieved great success. In all my roles my goal has been the same, the development of people, bringing awareness to the roles they play and opening up new perspectives. I believe that this kind of facilitation allows people to grow and to find solutions to complex problems that otherwise remain unresolved, leaving people and groups stuck in discontent with limited progress. Many of my clients experience the same resistance to change that I did. And I know for them, like me, what it takes is motivation and the bravery to step out of the comfort zone knowing that what lies ahead is greater than where they are now, that the journey is transformative and the destination worthwhile.



  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • BSc Hons Psychology
  • 20 years of experience in Corporate Healthcare, Recruitment, National Health Service and Prison Service developing people and organizations
  • Regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Thrive Global
  • Developed widely used Stress Management Programs (UK)
  • Theoretical basis of work- Systemic, Cognitive behavioral, Humanist, Narrative, Psychodynamic, Neuroscience, Behavioral, amongst others.